Hi, I’m Jessie,

I grew up on a farm in northern Alberta, met the love of my life when I was the young age of 17, got married the summer of 2010, and moved to Blackfalds, Alberta to start our life together.  Three years in we welcomed our beautiful daughter Taya.  This is when I transformed or as my husband would say, destroyed, our garage to make it my crafting/woodworking heaven.  I would spend hours and into the early mornings working away on projects that I couldn’t get out of my head until they were complete.  During the day when Taya wasn’t napping I would watch her play while I would crochet hats/headbands to fill christmas orders.  If it wasn’t one thing it was another and for living in town I made it the best it could be for me.

We were never sold on town life but during our 7 years there we continued our search to find the home of our dreams.  FINALLY the summer of 2017 our life changed big time.  We found OUR home – closer to family and sitting on almost 6 acres of land!!!  I just wanted everything all at once, bring on the animals, hours of mowing, yard cleaning the whole deal I needed this in my life!  Lets just say the animals came first … 2 pigs, a new puppy, a cat, three horses, a donkey and a lot of wild birds!  This is the life I (and my husband) had in mind for us and our daughter. I look forward to blogging about our life out here on our little piece of paradise.

In the summer of 2018 we welcomed another baby girl, Macy, into our lives.  She was a fierce one with a voice of a crow.  But we made it through those dreadful months and here we are today just over a year later and she is walking, starting to talk, and taking on potty training like a champ (call me crazy!  but she was the one interested so we are jumping into it…I guess!).  You will definately see blogs about my kids as they are the biggest part of my everyday.

Over the past 12 years my sister inspired me with photography.  She is the owner of Amara Dirks Photography and has taught me everything to get me to where I am today.  I thank her everyday for her inspiration and push to get my talents noticed.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful teachers/business women in my life.  This past year I started second shooting video with my extremely talented friend Maria with MB  Photo & Video (CHECK HER OUT!!!).  I instantly fell in love with videography! I plan to take on some clients this year!!! Email me for more info.

If you want to get in contact with me to commission a piece of work, a family photography session, or videography …PLEASE head over to my contact page to chat further!